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Well now there is! It's called

"The Manager's Handbook: The Indispensable Tool for Supervising People"


When we say this is the indispensable toolkit for supervisors, we really mean indispensable. This is the one tool no manager should be without. Each module is jam packed with enough information to create a separate seminar. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll get:







Section 1: Legal Principles Every Manager Needs to Know

In simple, easy-to-understand terms, you'll learn who is and is not covered by these labor laws, what they really mean to you, and how to keep them from being used against you:


• The Age Discrimination in Employment Act     

• The Americans With Disabilities Act                         
• The Civil Rights Act of 1964         
• The Consumer Credit Protection Act      
• The Employee Polygraph Protection Act  
• The Equal Pay Act        
• The Fair Credit Reporting Act        
• The Fair Labor Standards Act         
• The Family Medical Leave Act


Plus, you’ll also learn how to keep from running afoul of the E.E.O.C., eleven ways to protect your company from employee lawsuits, AND how to win claims for unemployment benefits. Module 1 also includes direct weblinks to all state labor laws, plus an overview of the three least known state labor laws most employers break.  You’ll even learn how to protect yourself from claims of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and age discrimination.



Section 2: Supervisory Skills You Must Master in Order to Succeed
n this very hands-on module, you’ll learn all the basics necessary for transforming a productive team into a well-oiled machine. You’ll learn how to improve your on management techniques, what’s working and what’s not working with today’s labor pool, and some things you’ll want to change in your organization. Some of the segments in this module include:


• How to motivate your employees      

• How to give performance evaluations         

• How to slash turnover

• How to supervise your own friends and family

• How to get employees to work on time

• How to legally hire and fire




Section 3: How to Eliminate Unacceptable Behavior

In this very blunt and straight forward module, you’ll learn how to deal with some of the most unpleasant things employees do, and how to eliminate undesirable behavior. Some of the segments in this module include:


• How to supervise pathological liars    

• How to handle angry people

• The different personality models in behavioral psychology, and how to handle each   

• How to survive when you work for a boss who’s a jerk

• Alcohol and drug abuse        

• How to end insubordination        

• How to get stubborn and negative people to bend      

• How to managing conflict between employees      

 • How to supervise teenagers who don’t respect authority

• How to find out who’s stealing from you       

• How to create the perfect paper trail with progressive discipline



Section 4: Sample Policy Manual with Sample Policies Covering:

• Abuse of e-mail          

• Agreement to arbitrate

• Dress code

• Use of company vehicles                              

• Background checks         

• Calling in sick   

• Drug and alcohol usage                                        

• Excessive use of personal cell phones                               

• Goofing off on the Internet                                        

• Making or receiving too many personal phone calls                              

• Non-compete agreements                                         

• Proper usage of company cell phones                                

• Smoking                                                       

• Tardiness  and absenteeism                                                      

• Termination                                                          

• Vacation and holidays



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Free Bonus #1:  

1.) Sample verbal warning form

2.) Sample written warning form

3.) Sample suspension form

4.) Sample probation form


Free Bonus #2:  

Five  labor law posters required by law


Free Bonus #3:  

CD ROM containing fully customizable versions of each of the warning forms (requires Microsoft Windows or Wordperfect) PLUS a fully customizable performance evaluation form  AND a sample employment application  



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