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This is a must for all the different generations in the workforce today.”


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"Every employer should make this mandatory."


Dave Anderson

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“Anyone can succeed in America. Glenn reminds us that the best employees are happy, honest hardworking people.”

Steve Odland


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"Glenn’s messages resonate with those that have made Staples so successful.  Highly recommended."


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"Thank you Glenn for clearly focusing on the fact that hard work does pay off.”

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Dear Manager,



If you're sick of entitlement-minded people who DON'T want to work but DO want someone to take care of them, then read on.


Payroll is the biggest single investment for most companies. If you don't get a good return on that investment, you'll be out of a job.


And that's the last thing you need, especially in these times.


Back when our grandparents were heading off to work, everybody understood what it meant to hold a job. Sadly, that’s just not true today.


Before you can hold people to the high standards you need, you have to make sure everyone understands the "Rules of Work".


That's why we've released my #1 National Best Seller, "How to Be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without" as a complete DVD training program.


And why should you listen to me?


Don't! Instead, listen to what these smart people had to say:






An Epidemic of Incompetence

While the problems you see aren’t unusual, they ARE relatively new.


Not that long ago people actually respected hard work and admired folks who got ahead – whether it was getting good grades, making the team or finally landing that corner office.


But in the last 20 years, hard work has actually gotten a bad name.

Today, there's an entitlement mentality that you and I should "bail out" people who bought homes they can't afford.


A belief that hard work detracts from  quality of life.


These people tell you to “Stop and smell the roses” , but forget that the roses would be there if someone hadn't done the hard work of planting, weeding, fertilizing and watering them.

From the server who gets your order wrong to the plumber who doesn't show up on time, we're surrounded by incompetence.

But nothing is worse than seeing your own people behave like that – because you know that every time they make a mistake, leave something undone or behave unprofessionally, they're jeopardizing your job too.



It's Not That Your Employees Are Bad People


But a lot of them have never been taught the values that go into a good work ethic. Even those who were, may have succumbed to toxic thinking such as:


"I Deserve a Raise Just Because"

You'd be amazed by how many employees believe they deserve to get paid for simply showing up. They don't see the connection between actual results and their pay check.


"I've Been Here the Longest, So My Job is Safe."

Complacency like that is the fastest road to sloppy performance. because long-time employees earn more, they need to produce more.


"We're One Big Happy Family.

If you're wondering why your place of business sometimes feels like a therapy group, this is the culprit. Employees need to know that home is the place for sharing feelings. Work is the place for getting things done.


Boost Your Company's Bottom Line...

and Increase Your Income Too


Once you help your people understand that THEY are in charge of their future, they're on their way to becoming the kind of employees every organization wants, and you become more valuable too.


That's where I come in.


I've been managing, lecturing about managing, and consulting for top companies for 27 years. Mostly I focus on management principles designed to boost individual and group performance.


Then one day my publisher suggested I write a book to show employees how to knock the sox off their employers. That book, “How to Be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without” was an instant #1 national best seller.


Now, we've turned it into an easy to use complete DVD training program. that shows your people exactly what you want from them.



Everything You Want Them to Know


This program is an intensive course in the skills everyone needs to become indispensable.


Whether it's on-time arrival, proper dress, doing their best, picking up the slack when someone else is out, or picking up that candy wrapper on the lunchroom floor, they'll know what they need to do to make themselves – and you – look good.



I Cover the Ground So You Don’t Have To


People are more willing to make changes when they hear criticism from an “authority” rather than the supervisor they see every day.


And if I say something that ticks them off, they can be mad at me without harming their relationship with you.



For New Hires and Old Hands


This program is great for new hires because it makes things crystal clear from the very beginning.


But it works even better with folks who’ve been with you for years. Why? Because this program is a simple and effective way to reinforce everything you’ve been trying to get across to them.

Instead of getting defensive – as they might if you were discussing a problem with them face to face – they can sit back, listen and learn.


"This Is Not Your Father's Oldsmobile"

Once upon a time when our grandparents were heading off to work, everybody understood what it meant to hold a job. They knew what to expect – and what was expected of them.

Sadly, that’s just not true today. So before you can hold employees to the high standards we need, you have to teach them the “rules of the road.” That’s what I do in this program, by focusing on issues like:


  • Why being low maintenance is critical

  • Why simply solving problems isn’t enough – and what else they need to do

  • Why “great” ideas often backfire – and how to keep it from happening.

  • When acting like they own the company can actually be a good idea.

  • Plus much more

That’s just a small part of what’s included, but you get the idea. We’re talking about concepts employees need to hear and take to heart.



Protect Your Biggest Investment
You search for employees, hire them, train them, pay them, manage them – and then hope they turn out to be worth it.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But either way it eats up LOTS of time and money.

This program is the smartest move you can make to protect that investment.


Because I want as many people as possible to benefit from this, I'm going to send you  the complete system at MY RISK.


Use the materials all you want for up to 30 days.  You'll see INSTANT RESULTS.

Then if you're not convinced that this is the greatest employee training system ever created, return it to me for a full refund.


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If you prefer to order by phone, call us 615-353-7125.


Don't put it off another minute.

To Your Success,



P.S.  What you’ve got here is the opportunity to create a true win-win situation. Your employees get the skills they need to take charge of their careers, and you get people with the kind of enthusiasm and dedication that makes you hugely successful.


P.P.S.  What makes it even better is that I do all the heavy lifting for you. You just sit back and enjoy a peaceful, productive, professional workplace and start dreaming about how you're going to spend that extra money you'll make when you get that new promotion.







Read This Only If You're on a Tight Budget ...


I understand that because times are tight, you might be tempted not to take advantage of this incredible program for the very reasonable investment of just $997.


If so, then allow me to explain why this is "backward thinking".


Losing just one employee will cost you $3,000, and the cost of keeping an unproductive employee is even higher.


If this program turns around just one of your people, it will be worth MANY TIMES that.


I want you to try it at my risk.  Let your employees watch it, and soak up all the incredible tools that I've packed in it, and then you be the judge.


Then if you're not convinced that this is the greatest employee training system ever created, return it to me for a full refund.





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