Dear Fellow Manager,


Give yourself one point for each of these questions you answer with a  yes:


1.) Have you held a position of authority over at least three other people ?

2.) Worked hard your entire career ?

3.) Been smart about your job choices ?

4.) Done everything that needed doing ?

5.) Exceeded your goals ?

6.) Been dependable ?


and you're wondering when you're going to be rewarded for doing all the right things? If you are, you're not alone.


You're a good manager, but this could actually be holding you back from moving up to the next level because these things scream "Middle Management!"



Maybe it's time for you to quit focusing on the science of management tasks and learn the art of leadership!


he skills and qualities it takes to get to the next level are completely different.

Quite frankly, they're a foreign concept to most middle managers. Anyone can work hard and have technical ability. Numerous studies have shown that job skills are only about 15%of the reason people succeed in business. It's people skills that make up the other 85%, and that's the difference between management and leadership. Management is about your employees but leadership is about you.


"Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to plot the course."


Managers can get 100% of what they ask for out of their employees, but leaders get more. Why? Because you can't require people to give more than is asked of them; they must choose to give it to you.


You'll only get this when people personally commit to you, and people only commit to leaders. This is why the most successful managers are great leaders. They understand that managers can force compliance, but only leaders get commitment.


"People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. . . . The leader leads, and the boss drives."       Theodore Roosevelt


So you're ready to move from being a manager who spends your days putting out fires, to becoming a leader who takes your organization to new heights it never imagined possible. But where do you go to learn how?


That's why I created my audio course  called


The 7 Secrets of Executive Leadership



In it,  you’ll learn the 7 key competencies that will allow you to move beyond management and into leadership.  


"Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible."  Colin Powell



Here's some of what you'll learn:


What leaders know about motivating people but mere managers don’t.

How the greatest leaders inspire their people to give 150%.

The "unfair advantage" that great leaders have over good leaders.

How the greatest leaders uncover people's hidden strengths.

The "secret weapon" that's more powerful than authority

How to gain the title of leader

The one thing  people must buy into before they'll buy into your mission

Plus much more!



It's only $197 and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



To Your Success,


Glenn Shepard




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